Welcome to The DIY Collective

If you don’t love DIY or have a desire to DIY anything and everything then your journey ends here. Bye.

Now that we have your attention fellow DIYers, let’s get to the meat and crumbs of this…

We’re on a mission here at Genies. We love avatars, we love fashion, and we love to DIY things. We want to empower YOU – the next generation of creators to build AVATAR ECOSYSTEMS. Yes, avatar ecosystems. We think everyone will have their own little avatar world in the future, made up of avatar species, digital fashion, homes, and social experiences.

The DIY Collective is a program we’re launching today designed to support and fund a new breed of creatives in launching their own avatar ecosystems using our tools.

Whether you’re already a designer, a doodler, a creative director, a brand owner, a nutty little DIYer, a dreamer stuck in their head, or just a person with sick style – we want to hear from you! You don’t need any influence right now. We’re creating a new community of creators. Previous experience in digital fashion and 3D art development is not required. As long as you have passion to explore a new frontier, are comfortable expressing your unique and authentic self online, and have a curious itch to contribute to the future in a meaningful and positive way, THEN COME JOIN OUR CULT – WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET U

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