Giving Creators Ownership

So far, everything has been created by the company. But, we’ve always had the vision to put the control in the creators’ hands through self-serve tools and have been quietly hiring and building accordingly. However, there’s one final step in giving power to the creators.

Today, we are officially expanding our mission from “be the digital identity for humans” to “empower humans to create their own digital identity ecosystems” by providing ownership rights of the Genie avatar and its respective creations. Effective immediately, every single creator (talent and users alike) now owns their Genie. We believe that in this next era of the internet, the successful companies aren’t going to be the ones translating their web2 environments into closed virtual web3 universes. The successful ones are going to be creating and providing the best tools to empower humans to create their OWN universes. Through the tools we create, we will empower individuals to manifest their own unique Genie ecosystems. To start, the ecosystems will have an emphasis on Genie avatars and digital wearables. But over time, we’ll be rolling out tools for your own virtual worlds, interactive experiences…everything the physical world has to offer and more. All of which will be owned by the creator. Full commercialization rights.

Want to use your Genie in a show or movie? Go for it. Want to start your own digital wearable business? All you. Create an anime or TikTok series? Build a virtual world to host events, concerts, literally whatever your heart desires? You got it. Your Genie’s ecosystem will be able to become a business, a creator, a logo, a brand, a destination, a character, all of the above.

Of course, this is just the beginning. As we roll out more capabilities and creator tools, we’ll continue to update our terms to reflect these changes. And as we open up The Warehouse to allow anyone to create, drop, and sell their own Genie creations, we’ll be providing commercialization options, which will be clearly and transparently communicated so that purchasers know exactly what they are getting. We believe in the true freedom of digital identity. And that means allowing everyone to have control of who they are in the digital world.

Avatar ecosystems for web3 have the ability to have a bigger impact than what apps did for web2. But in order to see full creativity and potential, the ownership and rights must be in the power of the people. We’re building the tools for you to build the future. Coming soon.

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