Avatar Experiences

We know avatars. We’ve been building them for years. To us, they aren’t just profile pictures or video game characters. We believe avatars are the next method of communication, especially with the inevitable XR future approaching us, and we’ve been building tools for years to prepare for that moment.

Why? Because avatars, first and foremost, solve for presence in a way that also captures meaningful insight into a person’s “internal self,” which are their thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas and more. Your inner self is not when you’re at the beach with your friends, it’s when you’re stuck in an idle state seeking connection online (which for most of us is a daily occurrence). Avatars as inner expression tools allow one to feel closer to someone while physically apart, which we believe will impact humanity in an extremely positive and necessary way. XR will provide the hardware that allows for this potential to be fully realized, but until that tech becomes ubiquitous, this can begin on mobile now with our suite of tools.

These tools are all meant to be used by you, the creator, whether in the form of creating your avatar and custom digital fashion for it (i.e. our Silver Studio app) or creating an entirely brand new avatar experience altogether.

The latter is what today is about. Avatar experiences curated in one all-encompassing avatar social network, which will include the current Silver Studio app. 

Today, we’re announcing our developer kit, which will give anyone with a little technical expertise (eventually, for anyone non-technical) the ability to use their imagination to manifest their own personal stories as avatar experiences. The three tech stacks included are our Avatar Framework, XR Compatibility, and an AI Generative Gameplay Bot. 

These experiences are all connected by Things, which allow for an interoperable ecosystem of experiences. Users collect and earn these Things as they move from one experience to the other and are able to use them in different ways, including as a primary expression tool for their inner self or a way for them to give “clues” into their unique personality.  

Things bring developers together by removing walls between experiences. We envision one universe with millions of experiences, giving avatars more and more valuable utility with each additional experience. 

If you love embracing the unknown, have a desire to co-create the future with other like minded individuals, and have a unique story to tell, come build with us. Apply to get early access to our dev kit on our website (genies.com).

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