• Design Your Own Digital Fashion

    Design Your Own Digital Fashion

    Did u steal clothes from ur sister’s closet for dress up growing up? Do u fantasize about designing ur perfect fit but can never find it irl? Do u dream about what u’d wear if no one was looking? Well we have some good news 4 u… 😉 Today we’re announcing the officialllll release of… Read more

  • Welcome to The DIY Collective

    Welcome to The DIY Collective

    If you don’t love DIY or have a desire to DIY anything and everything then your journey ends here. Bye. Now that we have your attention fellow DIYers, let’s get to the meat and crumbs of this… We’re on a mission here at Genies. We love avatars, we love fashion, and we love to DIY… Read more

  • Farewell


    Don’t worry, we aren’t going under. In fact, quite the opposite. Today we announced our $150M Series C led by Silver Lake to fuel our mission in empowering humans to create their own avatar ecosystems. Avatars. Fashion. Spaces. Experiences. The 4 pillars of an avatar ecosystem. All custom designed and created by the owner (you)… Read more

  • Giving Creators Ownership

    Giving Creators Ownership

    Since the birth of Genies in 2016, our mission has been to be the digital identity that allows people to freely express their authentic selves. You can see this at the heart of everything we’ve built. We created thousands of avatars for the world’s most iconic tastemakers to inaugurate the biggest moments of their lives. We rolled… Read more

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